Alfred G Pearce Onions Alfred G Pearce Onions

Different cuts of red & white Onions:

Growing Partners

PG Rix Farmers have been farming on the Essex/Suffolk boarder for over 50 years and started growing onions in 1968. Today they grow 850 acres of onions and farm over 5,000 acres within the Stour Valley, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Other crops include potatoes, sugar beet and cereals. Stougarden was set up by John and Bill Rix in 1995, to market PG Rix Farms onions, predominantly supplying Tesco's along with 6 other suppliers.

3M's is a farmer-owned Co-operative group, formed in 2000. It operates on a 22,000 acre, irrigated sand and land base on the Suffolk coast. The soil type and location allows it to major on early production and reliable supply, particularly in wet conditions.

The farms are blessed with outstanding environmental features, including an ancient pollarded oak forest, vast areas of natural heathland and numerous estuaries along the Suffolk Heritage Coast.

Balle Bros is a wholly family owned and operated business covering approx 2000ha based in Pukekohe, New Zealand. We are a fully integrated operation involved in growing, packing and marketing of onions, potatoes, carrots and squash. We pride ourselves on maintaining close links with our customers and fulfilling their individual requirements. We also understand the necessity of supplying product with integrity, and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of all initiatives and ensure we do so.

Varieties Grown

Brown Onions
Sturon for sets. Wellington for Drilled.

Red Onions
Red Baron for sets (this moving toward Red Spark as well), Red Spark for Drilled.

Production Solutions

Since 1959, Alfred G Pearce Ltd have delivered bulk processing solutions to food manufactures, handling 70,000 tonnes of vegetable products annually.

Crops are processed direct from the field, along with growing partners within a state-of-the-art purpose-built Processing Centre.

Vegetable washing, grading and storage - through to final preparation and packaging - is all undertaken under one roof with full traceability control from seed to factory production line and dispatch.

Alfred G Pearce Onions Alfred G Pearce Onion
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