At Alfred G Pearce with over 50 years of farming and food manufacturing experience, we know first-hand how fundamental the environment is in everything we do.

To produce the very best vegetables we need to manage all aspects of the environment in which we operate from the soil structure of the field right through to the volume of water we use in our processing facility.

Wherever we can all of our environmental inputs are measured and analysed so we can seek to operate as sustainably as possible.

By providing a wide product range of cuts and dimensions we are able to utilise almost all of the roots, the small percentage of waste that we do create is then taken to a local facility for composting where it is then used to create natural fertilisers.

We hope that by operating responsibly and sensitively within the natural environment that our business and the landscape in which it operates will continue to flourish for many generations to come.

Who to contact

Jack Pearce

Business Development Manager