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At Alfred G Pearce, consistent quality is the foundation on which our business is built.

At every stage of growing, harvest, processing, packing and transport, we adhere to the most stringent quality control protocols, and maintain full traceability.


Food Intolerance

Nuts, seeds and their derivatives pose a potential threat to the consumer, particularly when their presence in a product is undeclared. For this reason, all our suppliers are obliged to confirm that they do not use or store any such products or other food allergens anywhere on their premises.

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Our aim is to minimise reliance on pesticides for crop protection. This is achieved by assessing crop risk, taking into account factors including variety, soil type, field history and rainfall.Only when the assessment indicates a need for treatment is a suitable pesticide applied, following the recommendations of our BASIS-trained agronomist, and in line with the guidelines laid down by GLOBAL GAP, Assured Produce, and TNC, Field to Fork and LEAF.In addition, our produce is subjected to a continuous programme of residue and microbiological testing by approved UKAS laboratories.

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GMO Policy

It is our current policy not to accept, produce, store or supply any product that has been genetically modified at any stage.

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