From Field to Factory Since 1959

Alfred G Pearce is a third generation family owned business, now run by brothers Simon and Jonathan Pearce.

Established in 1959 to service the needs of the canning industry.

The company has developed into a fully integrated operation involved in growing, processing and marketing vegetables for food manufacturing in the UK and through Europe, handling over 80,000 tonnes of products annually.

Prepared Vegetables

Our ability to take whole crop straight from harvest in the morning, wash, peel and fully prepare for out-load to customers in the afternoon. This ultimately delivers freshness but also complete control of our crop and product. Click below to learn more...

Industrial Bulk

Large processors of produce need continuity and security of supply. AGP grow and supply a range of produce both whole head and semi prepared, in bulk to customers in the UK and throughout Europe. Products include carrots, parsnip, swede, sweet potato and rhubarb, harvested straight from the field.


AGP offers a fully integrated supply chain solution for the freezing industry. We harvest a variety of produce ranging from blueberries & rhubarb to parsnips, managing the whole life cycle from seed through to freezing. Products are packaged in a variety of formats from semi prepared to fully packed for retailers.

Technical + Compliance

Quality, food safety and traceability are the foundations on which our business is built. All produce grown complies to all retailer protocols and both our production facilities hold BRC 'A' Grade.

Carrots are at the heart of AGP, our founder Alfred Pearce began growing carrots in the 1960's for the canning industry. Grown on our own land or with long standing partner growers in the UK and Europe our carrots are supplied in all formats from bulk loads to carefully prepared spaghetti.

AGP currently grow and handle 18,000 tons of parsnip per year for freezing, export and food manufacturing. Freshness is key with this root to prevent browning. Our unique set up allows us to harvest, process and supply to customers in under 24hrs. Parsnips are supplied whole, top and tailed or fresh prepared for roasting trays and ready meals.

At AGP we grow & procure, peel and prepare 10,000 tonnes of onions per year. Unlike carrots & parsnips, onions are a stored crop. To ensure quality onions our Crops Managers carefully manage growing, procurement and storage. We have invested heavily in peeling equipment and in hyrdocooling our onions post peeling to ensure customers can maximise shelf life.

Though root vegetables have traditionally been at the heart of AGP we also grow, source and prepare a wide range of vegetables and speciality items including sweet potato, beetroot and butternut squash. As growers ourselves and with our heritage within the produce industry we are well placed to offer sourcing solutions to customers however difficult or unusual.

Angry Chef Defends Pre-Prepared Vegetables!

Prepared fruit and vegetables have been getting a hard time in the media of late due to some questioning the need to purchase these products pre cut because doing so adds unnecessary packaging and resources.

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Direct from the Field

At AGP we have worked to our model of bespoke growing of crop for food manufactures for over 50 years. Ownership of crop is of the upmost importance for us, allowing us to control quality into our process but importantly to give customers security over their supply. To learn more about our growing and procurement click here.