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We Are Alfred G Pearce

Field. Factory. Freezer. Fork. Since 1959.

We might be hiding on the bump in the East of England, but our legacy of agricultural excellence spans counties, countries, continents and generations. Yepp. Our story began in 1959 when Grandad Alfred laid the foundation for what would become a cherished family business.


Hailing from a smallholding family in Norfolk, Alfred initially ventured into selling produce to canners before transitioning into a whole new business: growing veggies directly for them. This marked the inception of our business, focused on growing and manufacturing for the food industry. Then, in the late '80s, Uncle and Dad joined, steering the business as the market shifted towards fresh, prepared, and frozen foods. But though the generations may have changed, our ethos remained the same: a commitment to supplying food manufacturers and factories with specialty products.


Throughout the years, we've maintained an integrated supply chain, physically growing our produce on the farm to ensure control over quality. Now in its third generation, with Jack at the helm, we've expanded our range and processes to include protected crops like peppers and tomatoes, brassicas such as cabbages and cauliflowers, as well as potatoes, garlic, ginger, and more. That's what we're most proud of: being a one-stop-shop for food manufacturers seeking a consistent and reliable supplier. Join our journey and become part of an extended family business that's deeply rooted in the rich soil of Norfolk.

Welcome to Alfred G Pearce.

Selection of freshly picked carrots
Selection of fresh carrots by a shovel

Business Development Manager

Jack Pearce

Man in an office


Jonathan Pearce

Man in an office

Agricultural Trading Manager

Chris Chapman

Man in an office

Prepared Crops Manager

Lucy Sharp

Professional woman

"Why settle for standard when you can set the standards."

Our History


The Farm

Our story starts long, long ago, way back in 1959 with grandfather Alfred and his prize possession: his Norfolk farm. Now a third generation family owned business, run by brothers Simon and Jonathan Pearce, with grandson Jack also in the mixer.

The heart of our family

Tractor harvesting a crop field


The Factory

From farm to factory, Alfred kicked things up a gear to start servicing the canning industry, and with it, the company has now developed into a fully integrated operation with the very best processes. Translation: we handle over 100,000 tonnes of produce annually. Pretty impressive, right?

State-of-the-art processes

Woman sorting through onions in a factory


The Customer

From farm to factory to fork, everything we do is about you. We're talking about carrots, onions, sweet potato, potato, butternut squash, parsnip and so much more, all available in a format suited to you, from fully prepared to bulk loads direct from the field.

Foods frozen to perfection

Selection of frozen vegetables
Crop field in the morning sunlight

The Environment is in everything we do

And at the heart of it all

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