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Other Veggies

Though root vegetables have traditionally been at the heart of AGP we also grow, source and prepare a wide range of vegetables and speciality items including sweet potato, beetroot and butternut squash. As growers ourselves and with our heritage within the produce industry we are well placed to offer sourcing solutions to customers however difficult or unusual.

Farmer pouring sweet potatoes into a tractor

Possibly the most perfect Sweet Potatoes to ever be picked.

Factory worker sorting sweet potatoes

By processing and packaging on our premises, we can ensure freshness and quality on your table. And nothing brings us more joy than that.

Selection of butternut squash

As farmers, we take great pride in cultivating our butternut squash with care and attention to detail, from planting to harvest to preparing to delivering.

Selection of butternut squash

We understand that food processors and other customers have specific needs when it comes to preparation, which is why we deliver our veg in a plethora of different ways, ready for use in a wide range of food processes.

Freshly farmed beetroot

For generations, our family has honed our processes and pursued our passions to cultivate the soil, tend to the crops, and harvest the fruits of this labour into a legacy that extends wayyyy beyond the farm. Oh and just look at these beetroot. Nom nom nom.


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