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the bit about our parsnips

This is pretty amazing: Parsnips (botanical name Pastinaca sativa) boast a history rooted in ancient civilisations and have evolved into a staple vegetable with a distinctive sweet and earthy flavour. Originating in Eurasia, parsnips were cultivated by the ancient Greeks and Romans for both culinary and medicinal purposes. These pale, creamy coloured root vegetables were highly valued in medieval Europe and featured prominently in various recipes. Parsnips were then brought to the Americas by European colonists, adapting well to the diverse climates of North and South America.


Traditionally used in stews, soups, and roasts, parsnips gained popularity for their
versatility in the kitchen. Over the centuries, different parsnip varieties developed, varying
in size and sweetness.


Today, parsnips remain a flavourful and nutritious component of many cuisines, celebrated for their role in adding depth and sweetness to a wide array of dishes.

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The Different Cuts We Offer


1/4  1/6  1/8


10mm, 20mm


15 x 15 x 40mm


Our Growing Partners

Our founder Alfred Pearce came from a farming family and started growing vegetables for processing in the 1960's. This production remains within the company today with annual crops of circa 350 acres of Carrot, Parsnip, Onion and Rhubarb being produced.

Hiams currently grow Gladiator and Javelin varieties of parsnips. We are constantly working towards finding commercial varieties that give better colour and taste and are continually involved in variety tasting sessions and seed open days.

Tractor farming a field in Norfolk

Frederick Hiams Ltd

Hiams produce 20,000 tonnes of potatoes, 20,000 tonnes of brown onions, 5,000 tonnes of red onions and 10,000 tonnes of parsnips. In addition, 1,060 acres of beet, 1,600 acres of cereals and 130 acres of beans. 1300 acres is grassland.

3,270 acres of lightly sandy soil in Suffolk is ideal for potatoes, onions, parsnips, sugar beet and wheat, situated on the edge of Thetford Forest in Norfolk. The Brandon farm includes 910 acres of Woodland and ESA grassland.

Conservation is an important feature on the farms, and is actively persuaded by the Directors of the company.

Factory worker sorting through onions


This vast estate occupies 20,000 acres on the Norfolk/Suffolk boarders. Around half the area is under cultivation with both vegetables and cereals.

Owned by the Guiness family since 1894, the present incumbent - the 4th Earl of Iveagh - is an enthusiastic partner cultivating some 1,200 acres of potatoes and an equal amount of onions, together with 500 acres of both carrots and parsnips for Alfred G Pearce.

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Map of UK food growers

Our Other Vegetables

Since 1959, Alfred G. Pearce Ltd have delivered bulk processing solutions to food manufacturers, handling 70,000 tonnes of vegetable products annually.

Crops are processed direct from the field, along with growing partners within a state of the art, purpose-built Processing Centre.

Vegetable washing, grading and storage - through to final preparation and packing - is all undertaken under one roof with full traceability control from seed to factory production line and dispatch.


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